No Huddle DoubleWing
Defense Numbering


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Defense Numbering

After reading Tiger Ellison's Run and Shoot book I decided to try and number the defense from a Double Wing point of view.

The document has references to line calls, this would only be for high school level lines, I think it would fry a young mind.

I use the defense diagrams to map blocking schemes for each play.

The Defense numbering Doc is contained in a .Zip file that is 780kb in size.

click here to download 780kb

Blocking Setup Sheets

This is a series of blocking setup sheets that show 21 different defensive fronts and include the following formations:

Balanced Double Tight
Balanced Split
Balanced Double Split
Unbalanced Double Tight
Unbalanced Strong Split
Unbalanced Weak Split
Unbalanced Double Split

The level 2 and 3 defenders are not shown since they may or may not rush. I use these to verify blocking rules, especially for the unbalanced sets since I don't know how the defense will adjust. I hope you find them useful. Sorry about the huge file size.

Sample Sheet


WARNING 4.2meg download

click here to download 4.2megs!!!