No Huddle DoubleWing
T-Shirts 1


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Here are some Double Wing T-Shirt Designs

The Jpeg's that are displayed are converted from the downloadable word files. The conversion from a BMP to a JPG adds a bunch of haze to the picture. The Word documents are much clearer and you can change or add text, or change fonts, before printing. You can also copy/paste the word picture into a paint program and change the uniform colors, then copy/paste it back into word.

Wedge or Die New Version

Wedge or Die with Train

I almost made it
"Running off the rails on a CRAZY TRAIN!"

New Warriors Version

click here to download dwtrainwod2.doc 31kb

Original Warriors version

click here to download dwtrainwod.doc 36kb

double wing with football

Doublewing on Football

click here to download dwfootball.doc 32kb

Double wing on superman shield

Doublewing Super Power

click here to download dwsmshield.doc 32kb

Double wing on bat signal


Soon to be "You might as well GO HOME NOW!"

click here to download dw-bat.doc 33kb

I use the MS paint that came with windows to do my coloring. It was under start->programs->accessories->paint.

Open Paint and Word. In word right click on the picture and pick cut (the picure will disapear, this is ok you're going to replace it). Then go to paint and pick edit->paste. I got a message about the image on the clipboard is larger than the bitmap would you like the bitmap enlarged - pick yes. Pick the color you want then the paint bucket (this will do color fills). I zoom up to do the coloring - view->zoom->large size. with the paint can pick the area you want to change. If you make a mistake pick edit->undo.

when you've finished coloring pick edit->select_all then pick edit->copy.

Go back to word and pick edit-paste_special then pick picture.

It should go back in the same place. If not then move it back into position.

If it's covering the text then right click on the picture and pick order->send_to_back.

Good luck with your Coloring.