No Huddle DoubleWing
T-Shirts 2


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Here are some Double Wing T-Shirt Designs

The Jpeg's that are displayed are converted from the downloadable word files. The conversion from a BMP to a JPG adds a bunch of haze to the picture. The Word documents are much clearer and you can change or add text, or change fonts, before printing. You can also copy/paste the word picture into a paint program and change the uniform colors, then copy/paste it back into word.

Double Wing Plain

Double Wing with no background

click here to download dwing.doc 22kb


Single Wing for Coach Fish's Warriors

click here to download swing2.doc 46kb


Raiders Wedge or Die!

click here to download raiders2.doc 47kb


Greyhound Doublewing for Coach Price

click here to download ghound1.doc 42kb